Inc Authority Reviews 2020: Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Inc Authority is one of the best and affordable places to form an LLC for your new company.

After discovering this company, I found it to be the only affordable place to start your company formation and it takes few minutes.

IncAuthority came into existence since 1989, and has formed over 110,000 LLC and Corporations, it also have over 2000 positive reviews by happy customers.

inc authority reviews

In this post, we will be doing an Inc Authority Reviews and know how well they perform in 2019.

Whether you need an LLC to setup your stripe account, show proof you have a business in US or for other things, you’re at the right place.

We will also discuss the Inc Authority features, pricing and alternatives so you can make your choice and be proud of it.

Inc Authority LLC setup service is 100% free.

They waive there service charges, labor costs and overhead. You only pay the mandatory secretary of state fees, which you’ll need to pay regardless of who forms your LLC for you.

The state fees differs considering the state you’re forming your LLC in and you should be careful where the state you form your LLC, or you may end up paying ridiculous annual tax fees.

California charges a $800 annual tax fees, and a super high State fees.

Delaware charges a $500 annual tax fees, and a high State fees.

You pay these tax fees yealy and the time you stop paying them, your LLC will seize to exist.

However, we will be recommending a State you’ll form your LLC with $15 annual tax fee and little state fees.

At the end, you’ll only be spending $178 to form your LLC including getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Meanwhile, on other LLC formation companies, they charge various service fees and other extra fees to form your LLC, that’s why you may end up paying over $700+ to form an LLC.

You may be wondering why Inc Authority offers this service 100% free, well it’s because they want to gain your trust and to help those with little budget form their LLC.

While using IncAuthority LLC, the fees are super cheap, you only get to pay for State fees, Operating agreement and EIN.

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number, is used to identify a business entity.

It’s also a Social Security Number (SSN) for the company.

Always form your llc in a state called Kentucky!

What does IncAuthority Do?

Don’t have any idea what exactly IncAuthority is all about? Don’t panic – we got you covered. By the end of this highly wide-ranging article, you will feel like a greatly informed person with a detailed overview of what IncAuthority can do for the smooth running of your business from scratch.

Authority is a Legal Service Company that provides assistance to customers or clients to build different business entities. They do that with the help of document filing services. Yes, you heard it right – ‘Document filing services’. That is what you are going to get when you think through buying an LLC formation service from IncAuthority Reviews.

Inc Authority Pricing

Like I previously said, IncAuthority is one of the cheapest places to form a legal LLC for your new company.

The service is completely 100% free and you only pay necessary state fees depending on the state you choose.

Their are also add-ons you will meet while forming your llc, and you can decide to add them or skip them.

We will be taking a short review on the IncAuthority pricing, so you can see for yourself how lucky you’re become today.

If you click the start button, you’ll start the wizard configuration for your LLC formation.

You’ll only be spending only $178 if you selected the most important things such as State, EIN, Operating Agreement etc, you will only be spending less than $200 to start your llc.

And that’s really amazing knowing the fact, you’ll have to spend up-to $500 to setup an llc on other sites.

You’re lucky.

IncAuthority Features

They do have good features if you form your LLC over there and few of them are:

1. Free Name Search

Inc Authority will check your business name against multiple databases.

2. Preparation & Filing

Inc Authority will prepare your entity formation documents and submit them to the state.

3. Registered Agent

Ensure you never miss a legal notice. Inc Authority will be your registered agent for 1 year.

4. Digital Storage & Delivery

A digital copy delivered to you and storage of your essential start-up documents.

5. Business Checking Account

Inc Authority will provide access to a business checking account with exclusive incentives.

6. S-Corp Election Form

Inc Authority prepares and files S-Corp document Form 2553 with the IRS.

7. INC CARE Support

Our expert support staff will help answer any questions you have, via email or phone.

8. Tax Planning Consultation

Your new business will receive a Tax Planning Consultation to help you save more of your business income.

9. Business Funding Analysis

A Funding Expert will review your financing needs and share with you startup funding solution.

Alternatives to Inc Authority

There is no alternative better than the service inc authority offers, because it’s the cheapest way to form an LLC actually.

However, a very good alternative to Inc authority is Incfile and with $189, you can form an llc in incfile as well.

They are my best places to setup a limited liability company because it’s affordable and gives me everything I need.

Meanwhile, the best state we always recommend to our readers to form an llc is Kentucky because the annual tax fees is super cheap as well as the state fees.

Always form your LLC in Kentucky!

How to Form an LLC at Inc Authority

If you’ve decided to start your llc and most especially with just $178, then you can go ahead and form your llc as soon as you can before it’s too late.

We recently made a guide on the inc authority tutorial setup.

You can read our guide on how to form an llc in kentucky here (you’ll see a step by step guide to order an llc and ein at inc authority with no stress).

In case, you want to hire someone from our theme to setup your llc from A-Z, don’t forget to use our contact form.

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