Inc Authority vs LegalZoom Reviews 2020: Which LLC Service Won?

You’re welcome to our Inc Authority vs LegalZoom review and comparison and if you’re looking for the best LLC formation company for your business then you will find in this comparison between these two good companies.

If you’re here, then you’re skeptical about which service to choose to form your LLC right?

If you missed, you can read our Inc Authority Reviews here.

LLC formation companies like Inc Authority and LegalZoom almost offer the same service, get an EIN, prepare a registered agent, register your business name, prepare formation documents, fill them for you and complete all formalities.

In this post, we will help you make a better choice by doing a comparison of Inc Authority vs LegalZoom and see who’s most preferred and what’s included in each of them.

We will also discuss the features, benefits and alternatives if possible.

Inc Authority vs LegalZoom Review

Personally, I have used Inc Authority because it’s a simple service, gives you exactly what you want with affordable prices without selling my soul.

I was able to form my LLC and get an EIN/Federal Tax ID with only $178.

And if you just need an LLC business formation without EIN, you will only be spending $138 to form your LLC and that’s super crazy.

Always remember to form your LLC in Kentucky state because it has a cheap state fees with an affordable $15 annual tax fees.

I will recommend you don’t form your LLC in states like California, Delaware etc, they charge $800 and $500 annual tax fees respectively and a super high State fees.

However, on the other hand, I haven’t tried out LegalZoom but they are a bit more expensive.

Although these companies offer services at their own price, I still find Inc Authority to be the best place to form an LLC in terms of clarity and affordability.

Meanwhile, let’s go ahead and make our Inc Authority vs LegalZoom review and see whats installed for us.

I will head over to LegalZoom and IncAuthority and prepare a comparison note.

I will update this post in few hours or days!

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