How to Setup AliDropship Plugin on your WordPress Site (Detailed Guide)

AliDropship plugin (for WordPress) is a popular e-commerce platform to start your dropshipping business.

Every single day, many entrepreneurs kick start their dropshipping business with AliDropship WordPress plugin because it’s cheap & affordable.

It’s easy to use and a good way to automate your business into making lot’s of money from your DropShip store.

And when you get hold of the plugin, you use it forever, no monthly fees.

It’s a plugin that makes all your dreams come true. 🙂

Nah nah, I’m not bragging or praising ’em. It’s the truth. 🙂

With AliDropship plugin, you really do not have to spend a lot to start a dropshipping business.

I also wrote a detailed guide on AliDropship Review based on my personal experience.

In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to setup Alidropship plugin on your Website or blog step by step.

I’ve managed to cover every single step, at least 85% towards setting up your AliDropship store using the plugin.

At the end, you would be able to setup, not just your store, but multiple stores in the future.

PS: To start your AliDropship plugin, you need the following :

  • Domain Name (the name of your store e.g
  • Web Hosting/WordPress Hosting (where your store lives in the internet).
  • SSL (required for accepting payments).

You can sign-up & purchase a Hosting account at (You’ll get a domain name and SSL for free).

Check our helpful guide below, on how you can set up a wordpress site under 10 minutes with BlueHost. And you’ll get a domain name and SSL for free.

Incase, you already did that, next step is purchasing your AliDropship plugin at $89.

Purchase AliDropship Plugin

How to Setup AliDropship Plugin on your WordPress Site

Grab a popcorn, calm down your nerves. If you’re ready, also grab your computer/device and let’s do this together.

If you don’t want to go through all of these, you’re free to contact any of our ecomSprout team and they’ll setup and customize your store for just $30.

View Our List Of Services. (Coming soon).

Step 1: Download Your AliDropship Plugin.

After purchasing your AliDropship plugin here, you will be given a license key (for activating the plugin).

And you’ll be sent to a page to download the plugin.

setup alidropship plugin

Anyone can download the alidropship plugin, but without the license key, it’s super useless.

Go to

While on the page, you’ll have two (2) plugins to download :

  • AliDropship Plugin (For WordPress).
  • AliDropship Woo (For WordPress + Woocommerce).

Remember to Select your WordPress PHP Version (7.1).

Enter your license key and download your plugins.

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To use the second one, you will need to install Woocommerce from your dashboard ==> Add New Plugins.

I use the AliDropship Plugin (WordPress) and for the sake of this review, I’ll be using for all my teachings.

So, go ahead and download both plugins, you paid for them.

PS: You can only install and activate one plugin, both plugins can’t work at the same time. You have to choose either Alidropship or AliDropship Woo.

For this setup, I’m using AliDropship (WordPress).

Note : For the plugins to work properly, you need to upgrade your wordpress to “PHP 7.1” at least.

Follow the below guide to check & upgrade your site to PHP 7.1. It’s just a one click and takes less than a minute.

Step 2: Install Your AliDropship Plugin.

Head over to your WordPress dashboard, and go-to “Plugins“.

setup alidropship plugin

Click on “Add New“.

setup alidropship plugin

Click on “Upload Plugin“.

setup alidropship plugin

Choose the file from your device and click “Install Now“.

setup alidropship plugin

After few seconds (depending on your network), you should get the message below, click on activate and the plugin will be live.

setup alidropship plugin

If you get the message below that ioncube Loader not found. Follow the instructions here to enable it.

setup alidropship plugin

Step 3: Activate your AliDropship Plugin with Licence Key.

Click on this AliDropship section at the top left.

setup alidropship plugin

Click on license key.

setup alidropship plugin

Enter your license key and click save.

setup alidropship plugin

If it show’s the below green message, your AliDropship plugin is now activated.

setup alidropship plugin

Step 4: Download & Install an Alidropship Theme.

Alidropship has offered beautiful and professional free themes for it’s users. If you’re using the AliDropship version or Alidropship Woo version, there is a free theme for you.

Since I use the Aldropship version (only wordpress), I will head over to and download a theme of my choice for the alidropship version.

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I decided to go with the theme called “Dali“, thus, I downloaded it.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress


Head over to your dashboard, and click on “Appearance“.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Click on “Add New“.

setup alidropship plugin

Click on “Upload Theme“.

alidropship installation guide

Select the theme from your computer and click on “Install Now“.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

You will see a similar page below after few seconds, click on “Activate” and that’s all.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

So, that’s all. You’ve successfully installed your alidropship theme.

I viewed my alidropship store at and below was the outcome.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Now, I’ll have to customise my theme to fit in with my store, such a changing the logo, adding menus and lot’s more.

Step 5: Customising your Alidropship Theme/Store.

We’re not going to go deep into customizing your store.

I’m just going to show you the basics, such as changing your logo, adding menus and editing your footer. That’s basically the few things to do to improve your store design.

Other ones are secondary and you can check them out when you’re free.

Adding Default Menus.

Go-to your WordPress dashboard, at the bottom left, you’ll see a “Customization” bottom and click on it.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Click on “General“.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Click on “Create” to add default pages and menus.

alidropship plugin

You’ll notice some categories and default menus has been added.

alidropship plugin
alidropship review

Changing your logo.

Go-to your WordPress dashboard, at the bottom left, you’ll see a “Customization” bottom and click on it.

alidropship review

Click on “Header“.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress site

Click on “Upload” and select your logo you just designed. (360 x 54px).

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Modifying Your Contact Section.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Still on your customisation section, click on “Footer“.

Then scroll down to “Contact Details” and make your editions.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Now, we have to link our store to Aliexpress, so we can start importing products from there to our store in one-click.

Step 6: Link Your Alidropship Store with AliExpress.

To start importing products from Aliexpress to your dropship store in one click, you have to link your dropship store first.

To do that, you need to install the AliDropship chrome extension in your chrome browser. Install the AliDropship Chrome Extenstion here.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

All you just have to do is, click install and it will install on your chrome, and show an icon at the top right of your chrome, like the one below.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress site

Linking your store…

To link your store, make sure you’re logged in to your wordpress dashboard in another tab, and you’ve activated your Alidropship plugin with your license key.

Now, follow the steps below to get started.

Click on the Alidropship icon at the top of your chrome, and the below page will open. Enter your store link and click on “Add“.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress site

Enter your website address in the box e.g I’m using a subdomain for this tutorial, I’ll enter and continue.

Click on “Login”.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

A new page will load prompting you to authorize your store with alidropship chrome extension, go ahead and authorize.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress site

You’ll get the popup that your alidropship Google Chrome extension is authorized.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

Check back the Alidropship icon on your chrome browser, you will find out, the red dot has changed to green. Meaning it’s linked.

setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

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To check whether everything is working properly, we’re going to open Aliexpress and search on a product and see if we’ll be able to import to our new store.

Open and search on a product and click on the Alidropship icon on every product you want to import to your store.

alidropship plugin

I have successfully imported the Electric Ionic Hair Comb to my store.

I’ll check on my WordPress dashboard product page and see if I can find it.



It was successfully imported to my product list, all I have to do is click on the product and edit the product title, description and price etc.

After editing the product title, description and price, I published my store.

Let’s view my store and see how it looks now.

setup alidropship plugin
setup alidropship plugin on wordpress

You can see the title is short and I have changed the price.

Remember the price of the product is $8.80, and the price in my store is $35. Meaning I’ll earn $26.2 in profit per sale.

Assuming I got 50 sales, I will be making $1,310 in profits.

Using this method, you can import as much products you want to your store.

Before importing to your store, be sure to decide the kind of products you want to start dropshipping to your store.

Personally, I will advice you don’t import hundreds of products to your store.

From 1- 50 is okay.

Besides, top drop-shippers use 5-10 hot products to make big money, as soon as they find a trending product, they import it to their store and make huge profits with it.

Be sure to checkout our guide on : General Vs Niche Store : Which one is more profitable? so you can easily make a choice from there.

Step 7: Adding Payment methods to your store

To start accepting payments on your store, you have to activate PayPal and any debit/credit card payment gateway on your store. You can also activate just one.

To do that, click on the Alidropship Section at the top left ==> click on Settings and then Payments.

Link your PayPal Business Account with your Client ID and Secret Key.

You can choose your debit/credit card payment gateway from the drop-down, so you can allow customers pay with their credit card.

Recommended Gateway is Stripe. Stripe is only available for US Citizens.

If you’re a NON-US Citizen, read our below guide on how to setup an account.

  • How to Setup Stripe Account for NON-US Citizens.

If you’re in Africa, you can use FlutterWave, read more about accepting payments with flutterwave here. (coming soon)


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