Shopify Payments for Non US: Use Shopify Payments Outside US (Solved)

Shopify Payments for non US is not easy to deal with. In fact accepting payments as a non us citizen is daunting and has made most of us stop doing business.

If you’re dropshipping at Shopify or selling something else on Shopify to international audience, then you need a payment gateway for non US especially for foreigners.

There is an easy way to scale through this and that has been working for many dropshippers and online e-commerce owners, until that is done, you can be able to use Shopify payments outside US.

We would be recommending Stripe Payment gateway for Shopify Payments for non us because that’s the only best option.

Unless you’re fine using PayPal.

Shopify Payments for Non US

To get started with stripe Payment gateway and solving this shopify for non us problem, there are few things involved and it’s listed below:

  1. Form an LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  2. Get an EIN
  3. US Bank Account (Payoneer, TransferWise etc)
  4. US Physical Address
  5. US Phone Number

If you can form your own US company, then you can use the details and sign-up for a stripe account and get activated.

It’s pretty much easy to get those requirements. Those are the requirements specified by Stripe, if you want to open a US stripe account as a foreigner.

Shopify Payments for non us

It’s always expensive to form an LLC and get the required documents, over $400 to $1000+.

But don’t worry, we have made our research and you get the following:

  1. Form your LLC
  2. Get your EIN
  3. Operating Agreement
  4. Articles of Organization or Formation documents
  5. etc

You will get all these for only $178.

This post was made for both those that are under budget and those that are capable.

To form your LLC, you need to choose a state where you want to form your LLC and each state has it’s own state fees.

We would be forming our LLC in Kentucky because it has only $40 state fees.

Many people do prefer to form their LLC in Delaware because it’s the most popular place people like to form their business.

Delaware state fees is $90.

State fees are one-time payment.

How to Form Your LLC and Get an EIN

We recommend forming your LLC at Inc Authority, through them, you can spend as low as $178 forming your LLC in Kentucky or $228 forming your LLC in Delaware.

Whichever state you form your LLC, it’s still the same LLC and will get accepted by Stripe, so don’t feel bad.

Inc Authority has a $0 + State fees slogan. This means there is no service fee or workmanship fee just like other Formation companies charge.

You only pay for state fees and other necessary things you think you need when signing up.

To get the price tag at $178 for Kentucky LLC and $228 for Delaware LLC, follow the guidelines below.

Step 1: Getting Started at Inc Authority

Go-to Inc Authority and Click on the “Start now for Free” box.

Step 2: Select Entity Type

In your entity type, select Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the Formation State, select Kentucky or Delaware.

Step 3. Contact Details

In the next step, enter your First and last name, email address and contact phone number.

You’ll need a US Phone number, download DINGTONE app from playstore or applestore and purchase a US number for $4.99/year.

Step 4: Enter Business Details.

Enter your choice of business name and describe your business in one sentence in the 2nd box.

In the third box, you select why you’re opening an LLC/business, you can select “minimize business funding and taxes” if you don’t have anyone in mind.

Step 5: Enter your US Address.

Go-to and sign-up and get a US address. It’s only for filling the form, not for Stripe. You will get a Kentucky US address after forming your LLC.

In your Shipito US address, note that CA means California.

Check the button that says shipping address is same as business address.

Step 6: Get an EIN

In this step, they will request you to check if you need an EIN or not. It’s awesome to know they give an EIN for only $49, others do it for over $99.

Select/Check the EIN and continue.

Step 7: Operating Agreement

The next step is the Operating Agreement, this document provides proof you actually own the business or LLC.

Check the box (select it) and continue.

Step 8: Add-ons

The next step are the Add-ons. In this stage, you either say no to every add-on you see untill you get to the checkout page.

The add-ons are:

  • INC Protection Advisor. $27/month.
  • LawSuit Protection. – $99.
  • Express Delivery – $49.
  • Domain Name – $29.95
  • Business License Package – $99

You can select NO for all of them till you get to the checkout. If you find anyone interesting, you can add it.

Step 9: Checkout and Pay

You will now be at the Checkout page. In the Shipping Option, select FREE, to the sent via electronic delivery. For billing address, you can select same as business address.

You can now pay with either PayPal or your Credit/Debit Card.


After forming your US company at Inc Authority, then the Shopify Payments for non US should be solved by just using the details to sign-up on stripe.

If you need more clarifications, please drop it in the comment box.

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