Using Stripe for Dropshipping

You want to start using stripe for dropshipping profits and you’re wondering if it’s possible to use stripe for dropshipping, as well getting a verified stripe account to start accepting payments.

You can use stripe for dropshipping, but that doesn’t mean, you will tell stripe “you do dropshipping” while signing up for an account, you just tell them what you sell in your store and it ends there.

If you tell them you do dropshipping, they’re likely not to accept you because you’re not in control of inventory and it’s usually a high risk business, so you use your brains well.

Meanwhile, to get a verified stripe account, you have two options and they include:

  1. Go-to and select a one time plan, and they will help you setup a stripe account to start accepting payments.
  2. You can as well, form a US company known as LLC (Limited liability company) with an EIN and you can use the details and setup a verified stripe account.

To get started in forming your own company in the US, then head over to our guide on how to form an llc in kentucky (with ein) for with just $179, you’re lucky if reading this, because you might be using over $500+ to form an llc.

At the end, you will be able to start using stripe for dropshipping purposes and profits and accept payments, as well as show your store visitors your business is registered in the US.


  1. Go-to for experts to setup your stripe account OR
  2. Go-to our recent guide on setting up an LLC in Kentucky (with EIN) Employer Identification Number.

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